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What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay in Vegas

In January, our Branded Products team went to PPAI in Las Vegas, NV. PPAI stands for Promotional Products Association International. Check out our interview with our North Dakota Promo Rep Dale Runge below.

Question 1: Was this your first time to Vegas? 

Dale: No, I’ve been there a few times. Funny part is, I do not like to gamble. Maybe that’s why I never win? My idea of a big win in Vegas is a good meal or buffet.

Question 2: What were you looking forward to heading into PPAI?

Dale: Seeing all the pens and gadgets, and for the business side making connections with companies.

Question 3: What was the coolest thing or 3 you saw or learned about?

Dale: 1. Custom Socks- Buy 1 and they give one to a charity of our choice. 2. Collapsible Straws.  3. Better ways to Use our SAGE program.

Question 4: What was your favorite vendor to visit?

Dale: Thats’ a tough one….I liked a lot of them, but I think the ETS booth was the most impressive, rows and rows of cups and tumblers all backlighted…

Question 5: Would you go again and if so, what would you be looking forward to next time? 

Dale: I am planning to go again next year. I look forward to the SAGE conference since I can meet and talk to other dealers and compare notes…


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