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Update These 7 Areas To Take Your Learning Environment to the Next Level

By updating your student areas, stocking the administrative area, & providing sensory tools and branded items, you can create an environment that fosters community & a love for learning.

1. Classroom Design:

The design of the classroom is critical to creating an environment that fosters learning. Update the seating and desks to provide flexible seating options like beanbag chairs, standing desks, and exercise balls. Consider adding a podium for the teacher to stand and interact with students. Whiteboards and sanitation stations are also important classroom features.

2. Facilities:

The facilities need to be clean, organized, and stocked with the necessary supplies. Make sure you have JanSan supplies, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning products, and trash can liners readily available. Having a clean and organized facility not only keeps students healthy but also helps them focus on their learning.

3. Media Centers:

A dedicated media center is a valuable resource for students to access books, magazines, and digital media. Make sure the media center has shelving, projectors, storage, and soft seating for students to access materials easily.

4. Cafeteria & Faculty Breakroom:

The cafeteria is a space for students to socialize and build a sense of community. Make sure to provide comfortable seating and tables, napkins, and disposable cutlery for easy clean-up. The cafeteria is also an excellent opportunity to promote healthy eating habits.

5. Admin & Faculty Offices:

Comfortable and organized staff & administrative area can improve staff productivity and efficiency. Consider adding cubicles, printer paper, toner, paperclips, staplers, desk lamps, air filters, shredders, and laminators to support the work of administrative staff.

6. Sensory Tools and Fidget Furnishings:

Not all students learn in the same way, and some may benefit from sensory tools and fidget furnishings to help them focus and concentrate. Consider providing stress balls, weighted blankets, and fidget toys to help students engage with the material better.

7. Branded Items:

Creating a sense of identity and belonging can help students feel connected to their school and invested in their education. Providing staff shirts, lanyards, signage, brochures, coffee tumblers, and jump drives can help foster a sense of pride and ownership in the school.

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