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Midwest March JanSan Tournament

Midwest March Jansan Tournament!

Welcome to the Midwest March JanSan Tournament! Instead of rooting for your favorite college basketball team, we will be celebrating and evaluating the top cleaning brands in the industry.

East Region: Clorox vs. Lysol

First up, in the East region, we have Clorox going up against Lysol. Both of these brands are heavy hitters in the cleaning world, but which one will come out on top? Clorox is known for their bleach-based products, while Lysol boasts a variety of disinfectants and sanitizers. While Clorox has been around longer, Lysol has gained popularity recently due to the pandemic. In the end, the judges have declared Lysol as the winner of the East region.

West Region: Mr. Clean vs. Pine-Sol

Moving on to the West region, we have Mr. Clean versus Pine-Sol. These two brands have very different approaches to cleaning, with Mr. Clean focusing on multi-surface cleaning and Pine-Sol being a powerful degreaser. However, Mr. Clean’s recognizable mascot and catchy jingle give them an edge in the competition. Sorry Pine-Sol, but Mr. Clean takes the victory in the West.

South Region: Windex vs. Pledge

The South region features two classic brands, Windex and Pledge. Windex has been a staple in households for generations, known for their streak-free glass cleaner. Pledge, on the other hand, is best known for their furniture polish. This matchup is tough, but in the end, Windex takes the win due to their versatility and continued popularity.

Midwest Region: Betco vs. Simple Green

Finally, in the Midwest region, we have facilities fan favorite Betco and lesser known Simple Green. Betco is the heavy favorite to win due to its line of industrial-strength cleaners, while Simple Green focuses on eco-friendly cleaning solutions. In the biggest upset of the season, Simple Green comes out on top due to their commitment to sustainability and non-toxic ingredients.

Final 4: Windex vs. Lysol vs. Mr. Clean vs. Simple Green

In the first semifinal, we have Windex going up against Lysol. This is a battle between two powerhouse cleaning brands, with Windex’s versatility and Lysol’s reputation as a powerful disinfectant both being major strengths. After a close matchup, the judges have declared Windex as the winner of this semifinal, with their ability to clean almost anything ultimately giving them the edge over Lysol.

In the second semifinal, we have Mr. Clean facing off against Simple Green. Mr. Clean’s branding and wide range of products are well-known, while Simple Green’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly ingredients is commendable. After a hard-fought match, the judges have declared Mr. Clean as the winner of this semifinal, with their iconic branding and versatility ultimately making the difference against Simple Green.

Who Will Be The Champion? Mr. Clean vs Windex

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the championship game between Mr. Clean and Windex. This matchup is a battle of the titans, with two of the most well-known cleaning brands going head-to-head. Mr. Clean has the advantage in branding and recognition, but Windex’s versatility and widespread use make them a strong contender.

Mr. Clean Wins the Championship

After a close and intense matchup, the judges have declared the winner of the Midwest March JanSan Tournament tournament to be… Mr. Clean! While both brands put up a good fight, Mr. Clean’s recognizable branding and wide range of products proved to be the deciding factor.

All In Good Fun

While March Tournaments may typically be about basketball, there’s no reason why we can’t celebrate and contrast the top cleaning brands in the industry. Who knew that a competition between Clorox and Lysol could be just as exciting as a basketball game between Duke and UNC? 

Hopefully, this tournament has given you a newfound appreciation for the hard work and effectiveness of these cleaning brands. Until next year’s Midwest March JanSan Tournament tournament, keep your offices clean and your facilities products stocked.


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