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Foodie Season – Supplies For Creating Great Connections

Foodie Season - Supplies for Creating Great Connections

Food: The Universal Language Across Industries

At Business Essentials, we recognize the power of food to foster connections.

Connections are Important to business. 

Having a well-stocked food prep area, means you’re well set up for connections.

We offer a comprehensive range of food service supplies to support a welcoming and functional environment no matter your industry!

Foodservice - Hospitality Industry

1. Hospitality Industry:

 Disposable Options for Convenience

Simplify operations during peak hours with:

  • Plates: Our selection offers various options (plastic, biodegradable, foam) 
  • Cutlery: Durable plastic cutlery ensures a comfortable dining experience.
  • Cups: Available in a range of sizes and designs, ideal for hot or cold beverages.
  • Hinged Containers: Secure and leakproof for room service or poolside dining.
Foodservice - Restaurants & Food Trucks

2. Restaurants & Food Trucks:

Food Connects People & Communities 

  • Portion Control: Ensure consistent serving sizes with portion cups for condiments or small sides.
  • Pizza Boxes: Keep pizzas fresh and protected during delivery or takeout

Streamline Take-Out Service:

Food brings people together to share a meal and conversation.

Foodservice -Breakrooms & Office Kitchens

3. Company Kitchens & Breakrooms:

Food Fosters Camaraderie

Maintaining Hygiene:

  • Paper Towels: A must-have for keeping break rooms clean and sanitary.

Sharing a meal during breaks allows colleagues to connect and build relationships.

Foodservice - Daycares & Schools

4. Daycare Centers & Schools:

Food Nourishes Young Minds

Safety & Hygiene:

Mealtimes are crucial for child development and social interaction.​

Your Partner in Food Service Solutions:

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and find the perfect combination of products to strengthen connections through food!


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