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3 Fresh Spring Trends

Put your logo on something you'll love!

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes a fresh batch of trends for branded corporate apparel. 

Whether you’re looking to update your employees’ uniforms or create a new line of merchandise for customers, there are a number of key trends to consider for the upcoming season. 


Watch for these trends! Utility – Comfort – & Versatility. (Don’t forget trending #COLORS!)

Trending #Utility

We’re glad utility is trending – Choose from our apparel and promotional items that are useful, durable, and become a go-to item for clients and employees!

We’re a big fan of hats, backpacks, and coolers, as we all look out of our windows and dream of warmer days at the lake or on the green. 

Branding items that are practical and useful is a smart move for both your wallet and your marketing. When people are doing something they love, your brand will be associated with it, and some of that feel good will work its magic – making your brand shine just a little bit more. 

Branding go-to items that are durable – create a sense of value for your brand (and are a lot cheaper than buying gimmicky things over and over again – those don’t have the staying power, and get thrown away.)

Trending #Comfort

Representing our business in the off-hours (or remotely) is now something we can do in #comfort! Your employees will thank you for comfort-friendly options!

Want your clients can choose to represent you in comfort and style? Then check out some of these comfy options: PulloversSocksSweaters

Trending #Versatility

The office isn’t the only place to do business!

From activewear and polos on the golf course to jackets and camo for the great outdoors, you can brand a versatile range for your clients and employees!

Speaking of Versatile – Our BE Branded & Apparel team would LOVE to talk with you about creating the perfect selection for your team, and creating a customized portal so your team can order and reorder them.

Pssst. Don't forget the Color Trends!

These are the #colors you’ll want to keep an eye out for!


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